3-Creeks Natural Area

Railroad Encroaches on Banks of Dean Creek

On November 18 it was discovered that the Railroad had (yet again) gone out of their way to disrupt the area around their right-of-way wich runs through the southern stretch of 3-creeks. This time the damage focused on the bridge that crosses over Dean Creek. Some up-stream maples were cut and thrown off to the side where they could easily be washed into the stream and back into the bridge. What was most frustrating was that the main work was done on the DOWN STREAM SECTION! There is no threat of down-stream plants washing into or over the bridge and creating a dam. There was a giant trench that ran along the North side of the tracks about 100 feet from the bridge. The tracks went all the way to within 5 feet! (see photos) of the banks of the stream, where the machine must have stopped to do some work on a couple of Willows that were previously holding the bank of the threatened stream up.

Stream side vegitation is important because it holds the banks together during flooding situations. Trees, like the ones which were cut here, prevent sediment from being washed into the stream. Turbidity, caused be increased flows, prevent fish, like Salmon which were once present in these streams, from being able to spawn.

Rail Road Carnage

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